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Meredith Carruthers
portfolio: click here

Masters of Fine Art, Print Media Department. Concordia University. Montreal, QC (2004)
MFA exchange program. Glasgow School of Art. Glasgow, UK (2002)
Honours Bachelor of Arts, Studio Major. Guelph University. Guelph, ON (2000)

Selected One & Two Person Exhibitions:
Landscape with the fall of Icarus. Niagara Artist Centre. (With Alison Judd) St. Catharines, ON (2006)
Landscape with Swan (With Susannah Wesley) Note Bene Gallery. Montreal, QC (2005)
Will this boat take us there? DVD launch event. (Solo) Maritime Room. Ritz Carlton Hotel. Montreal, QC (2005)
Will this boat take us there? Thesis Exhibition. (Solo) Bourget Gallery. Montreal, QC (2004)
Making Machine. (With Ciara Phillips) In association with: The Cabin exchange. Glasgow, UK. (2002)
Shifter: Work on Paper. (Solo) Bourget Gallery. Montreal, QC (2002)
Paper: An exhibition. (Solo) Eugene Choo. Vancouver, BC (2001)
Meet Lucinda: a Visual Essay. (Solo) Room 23. Guelph, ON (1999)
Come in We’re Open. (With Rhonda Mulder) Zavitz Gallery. Guelph, ON (1999)

Selected Group & Juried Exhibitions:
Group exhibition (With Matthew Collins & David Lubell) Galerie Goldie. Montreal, QC (2005)
The Store. Joyce Yahouda Gallery. Montreal, QC (2004)
Salon Écarlate, Curators: Lawren Nurse & Maria Chronopoulos. Galerie Espace. Montreal, QC (2004)
Niagara Ego Exhibition. (Juried) Niagara Artist Centre. Touring Exhibition, St. Catharines, ON (2004)
Leisure Painting, 480 Boucher, apt #3. Montreal, QC (2004)
Tagteam. Exhibition and editioned multiple. (Juried) The Tank. New York, NY
Elsewhere. VAV Gallery. Montreal, QC (2004)
Forced Air. (Juried) MFA Exhibition, St. Urbain textile factory. Montreal, QC (2004)
Liquid Bodies. Curators: the Loop Collective, Moving Pictures Festival of Dance on Film and Video. Toronto, ON (2003)
Short film Programme. (Juried) Cinefest~Minifest. Picton, ON (2003)
Exposition Prix Albert-dumouchel, Conseil Québécois de L’estampe. (Juried) Galerie Zocalo. Longueuil, QC (2003)
Casing. VAV Gallery. Montreal, QC (2003)
Rhizome, MFA Print Media Exhibition. VAV Gallery. Montreal, QC (2003)
Print Media Department Exhibition. (Juried) VAV Gallery. Montreal, QC (2003)
BowieArt.com. London, UK. (2003)
Twenty Things. Twenty-things-in-twenty-days. San Francisco, USA (2002)
Multiplicity. (Juried) Forest City Gallery. London, ON (2002)
A/P Show. Open Studio. Toronto, ON (2001)
Members Exhibition. Malaspina Printmakers Society. Vancouver, B.C. (2001)
Ballooning. (Juried) International Exlibriscentrum. Sint-Niklaas, Belgium (2001)
Toys. (Juried) Art-in-Guelph Gallery, Guelph, ON (2001)
Self Portrait Exhibition. Artropolis 2001. Vancouver, BC (2001)
Members Show. Niagara Artist Centre. St. Catharines, ON (2001)
This Website is a container. Hosted by Brock University. St. Catharines, ON (2000)

Awards & Grants:
Special projects grant, Gallerie Articule. Montreal, QC (2004)
Film Production Assistance, The Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema. Montreal, QC (2004)
Project Grant, CIAM/ Hexagram. Montreal, QC (2003)
Project Grant, The Glasgow School of Art. Glasgow, UK (2002)
Emerging Artist Studio Scholarship, Malaspina Printmakers Society. Vancouver, BC (2000)
2nd in Juried Exhibition, Brock University. St. Catharines, ON (1999)
Honourable Mention for innovative use of materials, Juried Exhibition. Zavitz Gallery. Guelph, ON (1999)
Entrance Scholarship, Guelph University. Guelph, ON (1994)
Vicky Hull Youth Leadership Award & Bursary. YWCA, St. Catharines, ON (1994)